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.NET User Groups, MVPs and Technical Magazines in Brazil – Sao Paulo

July 12th, 2010

Brazil is a huge country with great possibilities and some information sources are growing fast according with the increased professional demand. You can find bellow a list of user groups in Sao Paulo with presencial meetings and some online communities available to everyone.

Community Name Location Technologies Link
.NET Architects São Paulo .NET Development – Best Practices http://www.dotnetarchitects.net
AzureServiceBR Online Azure Technologies http://azureservicesbr.ning.com
Codificando.NET São Paulo Software Development http://www.codificando.net/
Desenvolvendo para Web Online Software Development http://www.desenvolvendoparaweb.net
Dynamic CRM São Paulo Dynamic CRM http://www.dynamicscrm.com.br/
IIS Help Online Internet Information Service http://www.iishelp.com.br/
PangeaNET Online Software Architecture – Competitor http://pangeanet.org
SharePoint Brasil São Paulo SharePoint Technologies http://www.sharepointbrasil.net/
SilverlightBrasil Online Silverlight http://silverlightbrasil.ning.com/
SQL Server Day Online SQL Server http://www.sqlserverday.com.br/
Super C# Online Visual C# http://supercsharp.ning.com
VSTS Brazil Online Visual Studio Team System http://www.vstsbrasil.net/
WCF Brasil São Paulo Windows Communication Foundation www.wcfbrasil.ning.com
WinAjuda Online Windows Client http://www.winajuda.com
WinSec São Paulo Infrastructure Management & Security http://www.winsec.org

“List source:” http://mvpbrasil.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F5F4692D000CDE16!1143.entry

I´ve done my registration on these two user groups:

“.NET Architects”, google user group: http://groups.google.com/group/dotnetarchitects

“Codificando.Net”, you can find me here: http://comunidade.codificando.net/profile/VanderleiPereira

I had many recommendations about these user groups, “.NET Architects” have participation of a Microsoft MVP that writes good technical blog in Portuguese-br:
Giovanni Bassi | Blog and “Codificando.Net” have participation of two Microsoft MVPs:
Alexandre Tarifa | Blog
Diego Nogare | Blog

Two magazines in Brazil available for .net programmers and architects, I´ve made my signature a couple of years ago and I like it very much:
.Net Magazine Technical Editor: Giovanni Bassi
Mundo .Net Technical Editor: Marcelo D’avila Pauli

Another Brazilian blogs that I like to follow:
Caio Proiete | Blog
Ivan Paulovich from: Netraptors
Eduardo Spaki | Blog

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  1. Henrique Faria
    July 30th, 2010 at 14:50 | #1

    Man, how many guys have subscribed to dotnetarchitects user group? Now I realize for where the market is heading to. Do they use coding dojo techniques?

  2. August 4th, 2010 at 12:39 | #2

    Yeah, they are using it, I´m following carefully this group, and I recommend you to join them to take a look, if you have any problem with the idiom, tell me ok?

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